Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) Compliance Statement for

At, we prioritize compliance with the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers. The TPD, established by the European Union, governs the manufacturing, sale, and advertising of tobacco and vaping products. Here’s how our website adheres to TPD regulations:

Product Notification

Every vaping product available on has undergone thorough notification to the appropriate regulatory authorities in accordance with TPD guidelines. This notification process ensures that our products meet the required safety and quality standards.

Ingredient Transparency

We are committed to transparency regarding the ingredients used in our e-liquids and vaping devices. Detailed information about the composition of our products, including nicotine content and any additives, is provided to empower consumers to make informed choices.

Packaging and Labeling Compliance

Our products are packaged and labeled in compliance with TPD requirements. This includes clear and prominent labeling of nicotine content, health warnings, and usage instructions. By following these guidelines, we ensure that our products are safely packaged and appropriately labeled for consumer use.

Nicotine Strength Compliance strictly adheres to the TPD’s regulations concerning nicotine strength in e-liquids. Our products are formulated with nicotine concentrations that fall within the permissible limits specified by the directive, promoting responsible usage practices among consumers.

Child-Resistant Packaging

To mitigate the risk of accidental ingestion by children, our e-liquid containers feature child-resistant packaging mechanisms as mandated by the TPD. This additional safety measure is crucial for safeguarding young individuals from exposure to potentially harmful substances.

Advertising and Promotion

Our marketing efforts are conducted in full compliance with TPD regulations governing the advertising and promotion of vaping products. We ensure that our marketing content adheres to the prescribed restrictions on content, placement, and targeting, promoting responsible and legal promotion practices. is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and regulatory compliance in the vaping industry. By aligning our practices with the requirements of the Tobacco Product Directive, we aim to provide a secure and compliant platform for consumers to access premium vaping products. Our commitment remains unwavering in promoting responsible vaping habits and prioritizing the well-being of our valued customers.